With a BFA in Directing & Screenwriting for Motion Pictures & Television, and a passion for story-telling; I consider myself a filmmaker above all else. Below are a few samples of some of my narrative work, and check back soon for updates on my first feature film; which will be produced in the Central Valley in 2019, for a 2020 release!

Short Sci-Fi Drama Film

In a too-perfect world where everyone seems to have been born with a voice in their head, a "guide" that raises them and influences every decision; Adam's guide starts to make him think that maybe these voices aren't so natural after all.

A story about the power of speech, the horrors of brainwashing and the importance of freedom.

Short Dark Comedy Film

Finn is a strange but brilliant 7-year-old, clearly the next Einstein. So when he accidentally kills the baby-sitter... he's pretty sure he can fix her.

A sweet and hilarious story about childhood innocence colliding with death and gore.

Short Drama Film

Olson seems to have the perfect life, spending weekends at the country club with his wealthy parents and lovely fiance-- until everything falls apart when his family finds out he's been living a double life.


A Naledi Media film produced by Ronald Sebilo-Tibbits, directed by Sky Tallone. Script written by Sky Tallone based on a short story by Bill Pieper. Starring Andy Strong, Alyson Chung, Bettina Devin, Greg Pedemonte, and Karl-Heinz Teuber. DP: Tylor Bohlman.